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There's still so much to learn, and not nearly enough time available for the likes of this humanity to discover upon the truth, the meaning and/or purpose of our existence, at least not before some resident warlord finishes us all off over next to nothing.

I would have you consider upon the "next to nothing" aspects as being that of oil, as a modern and supposedly advance nation can or at least should have been capable of substituting the lack of affordable and/or friendly oil by way of simply utilizing nuclear energy, although that would soon allow the price of whatever available oil to drop below $10/barrel, making it possible for poor countries to actually survive and thereby openly compete for our dollars, while making it far less profitable for some of those ungodly and/or unholy nations, which means that if we were operating at the 75% nuclear level, we'd have to become good at something other that such clean energy could produce far better goods and services than of other poor countries dependent upon oil. In other words, we'd have to actually produce something the world needs and wants, instead of continually controlling over others and of taking of whatever we insist upon, as sometimes we've accomplished such takings without our asking and/or without just cause, thus only adding further insult to our injuries.

Henry Kroll is just another honest and hard working individual, demonstrating that there's proof positive that one can survive in spite of what's terribly wrong with the surrounding world, whereas his intent has always been to pass along the experence and wisdom that's intended to enlighten folks, thereby improve upon the life and sometimes the lives of others we all have at our disposal. This is not saying that many folks would just as soon deny us that right, and/or even help in the process of exterminating the sorts of folks that are in their way or simply not plying their rules.

This effort is an ongoing build upon a somewhat limited resource of books and research papers, that which are not as likely to impress certain folks, at least not nearly as much as those offered by most any of the NOVA or NASA class of taxpayer sponsored productions, publications and/or impressive web sites, whereas within Alaska-Publishing there'll even be those a few of those somewhat out of context thoughts and less than polished topics introduced with difficult syntax that'll be sure to leave most folks wondering as to the value and worth of what's being offered. Never the less, there's been absolutely no forthright nor intentional guise or ruse at play, nothing of any extreme dog-wagging applied as for protecting the sorts of cold-war cloak and dagger hidden agendas, nor has there been any intentional scheme of otherwise intentionally snookering folks into believing exactly as myself or as that of yet another researcher and author such as Brad Guth, much less of expecting all others as how I myself might care to interpret and/or reinterpret a given set of facts or various notions associated with comprehending upon other forms of life, and thereby accepting there has been other intelligence besides that of Earthly origins.

The "nondisclosure" and/or "need to know" policy aspects of Alaska-Publishing simply isn't a policy, as there's absolutely nothing to hide, as in fostering no "skull and bones" society nor otherwise are we hiding something that requires imposing any "need to know" criteria. Unlike the vast bodies of astrophysics and astronomy folks trying their damnedest at being politically correct and always fully aligned with the current administration's butt, even if that nasty facet should entirely oppose whatever their previous money-bags administration had approved of, and even if that's by having to continually skew history, science and even impose conditional laws of physics, as for regardless of the consequences, it seems they'll just as soon create an incest of absolute immorality upon accomplishing any number of dastardly deeds, and imposed against all but their personal humanity.

Remorse isn't even part of our NASA/NSA/DoD culture

Of what's good for the upper 10% isn't all that great for humanity if it essentially imposed the death sentence upon the lower 90%

Actually it's been a whole lot more like 1% of humanity benefiting at the ultimate expense and/or demise of the other 99%. The mainstream status quo has already been accomplishing great as well as a few too many dastardly things for thousands of years, and would just as soon eat more of their own kind as to losing out on another notch on their guns, as for otherwise not playing by their rules as for going after those illusive grants and government sponsored programs would be sacrilegious (perhaps even anti-Jewish), even if that's by way of their utilizing science and/or religion as a cloak and/or if need be accommodating or favoring yet another pagan religion.

Only the top 10% benefit from what the upper most 1% achieve

So, time and again it's essentially been the bloody heck with morality and any notions of remorse, especially if and whenever there's another energy resource or buck to being had, and I'm not referring to those honest and hard earned bucks that could and should have been derived from that of actual goodwill and profits of honest accomplishments, as so far there really hasn't been all that much derived from within the vast empires of our NASA that's become beneficial to the lower 90% of Earth's humanity (the apparent scum of the Earth), unless you'd consider the enormous drain upon Earth's resources and depositing those mega tonnes worth of artificial CO2 and the subsequent global warming as a benefit. America as a whole contributes 20 t/person/year (5.5e9 t CO2), and that's not even including our having to launch tonnes of stuff into space, that which can potentially contribute at the ratio of 100:1, whereas that's < 100 t worth of additional CO2 created per tonne launched away from Earth (it's no wonder Earth is becoming like the greenhouse of Venus).

Unfortunately, the overall energies taken to curb this pollution and vast oil consumption is only making things worse off, by way of our consuming even more energy that's primarily transported about and comprised of consuming greater amounts of oil and natural gas, of which the end result is obviously an even greater overall energy consumption that's involving so much other CO2 and subsequently involving other freon like elements from initially introducing such intensive CO2 producing activities, that it has become an absolute no-win situation as for mother Earth, and thereby clearly humanity isn't what's benefiting.

Before it's too freaking late, it seems (much like France) we've got to go into as much nuclear or perhaps fusion as possible, as further hydro is not being allowed and wind power will be maxed out at perhaps supporting at best 10% of our needs (I think we're at all of 0.1% as it stands as of today).

This link will route you directly to David Sereda's site

The far left image and many others obtained from David Sereda's research have indicated upon a connection by way of our NASA accidently capturing images of the sorts of UV/a illuminating spacecraft that are obviously coming into our solar system from somewhere other, by which the likes of those from perhaps Sirius that may have terraformed Earth, Venus and possibly even attempted Mars in the first place, of which oddly even this level of vital research information had to be forcibly extracted from NASA, thus I too have long since realized that such a "need to know" barrier as to learning the truth(s) has always been the norm, while humanity is having to pay a steep toll has long been somewhat of a proven religious as well as political methodology or strategy/tactic of keeping the truth away from the public, and that's going back well before the time of Christ, and even of what specifically did the likes of Christ in, that is if it wasn't for all of his Cathar like actions that seriously pissed off the residing Jews of the day.

However, to each his own, as I'm fairly certain that of most clubs and cults, such as the independent nations that we are, have pretty much done the same onto their own, just that some such clubs and/or "skull and bones" cults have been far better at their obtaining the wealth and resources that's to be had from others, as well as better at their snookering folks, than of others such as the USSR. In other words, if it should take a ruse/sing of our landing man on the moon (as there are no specific rules in such wars), so be it.

Even if there was a final (Apollo-16 or 17) mission that actually fulfilled that journey, and even if that were only for a few hours if any actual EVA, as none the less, all of the previously recorded event's had already been written in stone, with absolutely no way of our cloak and dagger efforts ever turning back. Much like the Pope/Cathar fiasco and of a few too many other dastardly events that we may never learn the entire truth about, thus mankind has been and is continually doomed as to making those same mistakes over and over, at least until we're all dead as a result of some final act of utter stupidity, as then there obviously wont be a surviving soul about as to discover and/or tell the truth to, or at least no one other around to hear it. Somewhat like we've need to reconsider that Christ (son of God) was most certainly acting a whole lot more like a Cathar than not, though I suppose that wouldn't have altered nor lessen the Jewish guilt, as for only leveraging it over towards those somewhat nastier Roman Catholics and of their blood thirsty as well as money grubbing Popes of their era were quite busy at exterminating Cathars and of anyone caught associating (sounds a lot like Hitler and of his Nazi enacted genocide, and we wonder whow he ever got that Pope like notion).

There's yet another metric tonne worth of perfectly good-news/bad-news updates about Venus, of Sirius and even our moon, and of our NASA and the mainstream status quo attempting just about everything possible of flushing such information into another one of their spendy space toilets, of "what ifs" and a whole lot of "could have been" or "should have beens" on behalf of our NASA, where clearly this fairly old but quite official Magellan/SAR acquired image had been indicating upon a rather significant group of substantial structures, and/or an entire township of what's defiantly more likely artificial (meaning created by some other life NOT as we know it) than not. Please check out the "UPDATE" page, as that's were all the most recent action is arriving, including loads of NASA's warm and fuzzy flak that I'm able to reutilize as my favor returning flak that's more often than not still in a state of rage, thus a bit too hot to touch. Plus there's lots of interesting stuff on the LSE-CM/ISS (Lunar Space Elevator) and of most recently there's topics upon Sirius/abc and of it's cycle of interactions with the likes of our solar system.

Soon there'll be another book focused upon the "Cosmological Influence On Ice Ages and Global Warming" which stipulates upon how the Sirius star system has been essentially encharge of our destiny from the very get-go. It's just a mater of gravity and time, nothing all that Godly or other cult like happenstance, as gravity is acting much like that boomerang that just keeps coming back around, although this boomerang aspect has been taking 110,000 or so years, which is still almost nothing within the grand universal scheme of such things that seems to cycle upon a 225+ million year basis, if not billions of years worth for what's further out than the Milky Way galaxy.

GUTH - Venus   ("guthvenus")   by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA

This link offers a copy of the original NASA posted raw image This link offers a further enlargement (you may need to back away from your monitor)

The first of these following 1:1 pixel/pixel clips will link into one of the enlargements, the other will take you directly to the original html web page, from which you might care to source directly into NASA's original files, as well as obtaining access to just a few other topics that I've developed over the past few years of our being consistently ignored by that of our warm and fuzzy mainstream status quo.

This is simply another closeup view of your typical Venus bridge, that which I'm thinking has been somewhat of a suspension variety and reasonably long at that (most recent estimates of an overall 2.5 ~ 3.0 km if to be including landings), along with a few too may other associations with regard to what else is situated nearby as most likely artificial rather than not. Unfortunately, there's simply way too much to other subject matter to offer that couldn't possibly fit into this page.
This link offers a fairly extensive html web page

Calling Venus;
If you're perchance the sort of wise individual that's more interested in the truly viable and cost effictive prospects of our achieving interplanetary communications, as for that relatively simple and efficient quest I've improved upon and otherwise added lots of notions, if not a little too much data, into these following pages;

A couple of other interplanetary communication related pages:

Here's the latest deliveries upon what other has become new, and of what's certainly become hot-topic, as offering a bit more than you may need to know of what my three brain cells can't seem to deliver upon behalf of what Sirius lizard folk terraforming the likes of Mars, Earth and Venus is suggesting.
Cost or Consequences is merely offering yet another vantage point or perspective.

Sirius may have been the controlling timeline of our ice-ages, and of so much more;

There's something nice about the likes of diatoms supporting other life:

For those interested more into what the future holds, rather than having to continually muck about within the space toilet of our past;  Much of my lunar or bust interest has been in regard to establishing a reasonable and quite honest R&D focus upon achieving the LSE (Lunar Space Elevator) and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot, as offering humanity a perfectly valid means/gateway to an end (actually resolving a great many issues on behalf of many obtainable ends), of which seems lately to include the rather worthy fusion hot prospect notions of our obtaining He3 or 3He from the moon, as well as for further accommodating those folks intent upon trekking off to Mars or Venus:
Updated LSE-CM/ISS topic:
The Lunar Space Elevator:

Throughout this ongoing research, many of our thoughts and subsequent efforts have been focused upon what has happened in the past, that which we can't seem to draw upon for expertise nor even documented record of the facts, though if the truth about this past can't be told and/or accepted as is, then what's the point. Perhaps this effort of informing our world as to what's truthfully been accomplished and thereby possible to further improve upon our ways of life (physical as well as biological and thereby intellectually), is simply going to have to settle for yet another one of those GW Bush "so what's the difference" qualifiers of his pathetic "high standards and accountability, much like going after those invisible WMD and having to sweep thousands of innocent souls under an already badly bulging carpet, and of subsequently having to prepare for whatever subsequent retributions of carnage that's likely to follow suit. In other words, we haven't seen anything yet.

Meanwhile, we seem to have a number of folks that are currently expending resources upon the ESE (Earth Space Elevator) fiasco, then others trying to justify their momentum of taking us onto Mars and of ever deeper into space, as though time and resources are unlimited, while ignoring what's most easily had from our moon, of the enormous wealth of energy as well as biological opportunities of uncovering other life that's been existing on Venus, as opposed to those individuals intent upon forcing life to exist upon a sub-frozen, easily pulverized and irradiated to death sort of places (not that a cold blooded form of sufficiently mutated and/or evolved microbe form of life that's most likely lethal to humanity couldn't be somehow making a tough go of it upon Mars), though what can I say, obviously there's nothing that can be said to those unable to think for themselves, much less independently of their peer collective that's been officially snookered into the "skull and bones" society of the incest borg collective.

It seems that science and physics simply isn't all that it's cracked up to being, and seemingly the likes of honest observationology isn't even permitted, as though if it weren't for learning from our mistakes, and of folks daring to go out of their way as to trying out new and even somewhat risky sorts of things, as such we simply wouldn't be where we're at, nor I suppose as likely to being so easily snookered by way of a mere "Sand Pirate" like Saddam.

Here's some continuing review (Apollo Hoax Busting) upon the KODAK/photo related pages that are not intended as any joke, as lo and behold, even though there's still something funny going on at NASA, there's not all that much to laugh at all the carnage of our perpetrated cold-wars and of what's been related to those phony Apollo missions. Here is where you'll learn or discover that KODAK film doesn't lie about it's usual sensitivity to the near UV and especially that of the UV/a spectrum, of which the lunar environment offered at least 128 times greater exposure, with certain other sources of the UV/a (such as from the likes of Sirius) offering as much as 256 times greater worth of illumination as per being recorded by that KODAK film:

When history and science are so badly skewed, with even those laws of photographic and geology physics having to become politically conditional in order to fit our pathetic state of affairs, along with uncovering more information than ever being generated as that of "disinformation" and/or of "nondisclosure", and as much of that information remains as strictly available on a "skull and bones" need-to-know basis, as then we'll simply fail to learn a damn thing before it's too late, in fact we only tend to learn the sorts of bad coverup habits and of otherwise dog-wagging in order to protect those folks responsible in far too often involving the most horrifically dastardly sorts of things, which have for the most part gotten us in nothing but trouble, and way more often than just once per given agenda. Such as what's happening right now in Iraq is exactly the same sort of fiasco of what's happened countless times before, thus obviously we haven't learned a damn thing, and we never will if the likes of GW Bush keeps stipulating "so what's the difference" and imposes the sorts of "high standards and accountability" as per his entirely bogus and dishonest educational policies.

Of course, and as usual or expected, our infamous and very incest borg like cloak and dagger government will continually deny all of this, as that's been and remains the very same "skull and bones" type of nondisclosure policy that's been an institution ever since the beginnings of American humanity, and it's recently (especially ever since the cold-war ruse as per NASA/Apollo) become especially useful as thousands of innocent folks have been dropping like flies all around us, as God forbid, you wouldn't want to take any responsibility that might actually help to alleviate that sort of future carnage.

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